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Great wines are all about great unions. When the right terroir, grape and vintner come together, magic happens, just as the pairing of wine and food can be sublime.

Whilst sourcing the perfect rosé for his daughter’s wedding in 2011, avid wine collector Mervyn Davies was introduced to Alexandre Samour, a vintner with over 15 years of winemaking experience. This meeting of minds, interests and aspirations forged the union that led to Mervyn purchasing a vineyard in Oppède, in the Luberon region of Provence. Alex set to work, and Domaine des Jeanne was born. Named for Mervyn’s wife and Alex’s daughter, Jeanne appropriately means ‘divine gift’, and represents the importance of family to both founders.

Situated between the mountains and the sea, close to the legendary wine-producing commune of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the vineyard saw its first harvest under the Domaine des Jeanne name in 2012, and launched its first rosé in 2013.

Visit our website at:   www.domainedesjeanne.com



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